If you are pregnant, planning pregnancy, or already a mother, please help us by answering these four short questions.


1) Pregnancy-related health information can come from different sources, such as a midwife, GP, or internet search. Are you happy with the information you received, or to which you have access?
2) Would you be interested in TOTAL MAMA - a new service, supported by the University of Oxford and run by health professionals - giving women reliable and highly personalised pregnancy-related health information via a website and mobile apps?

3) Would you use a health information service that advertised "hand-picked" products and services? This would be subtle and include only relevant, high quality products and services that are safe and consistent with clinical guidelines.

4) A basic personalised service will be free to all. Would you pay a monthly subscription (£1.00-£2.50) for a HIGHLY personalised service using the latest technology to improve the quality of health advice you receive? Other useful - and fun! - features would also be included.


Please send any additional comments, suggestions or questions from the form below.  These can be sent anonymously.  Thank you!

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